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Internet banking guarantees the best customer experience—without opinions
and suggestions from your vendors. They bring the hardware and we bring the hacu and you bring an amazing product to your customers. That’s an honest deal.

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It’s a neat trick to gather all the relevant details on a single page. The solution is the hacu.web platform. It’s the one that gives the designer complete freedom to find revolutionary workable solutions. At the same time it keeps vendors from dragging their feet. These are particular features we’re especially proud of.

Integrating with social networks

Your customers can become super marketing tools just by inviting their friends to try your services. Word of mouth is an unbeatable way to attract new customers.
Facebook’s avatars aren’t just photo portraits. Whenever you’ve got a personality to deal with in online banking, whether in money transfers, payment templates or personal finance management, avatars lend banking services that personalized touch.

Today’s possibilities

Over the past few years web technology has taken such an incredible leap forward that some of the current possibilities were unthinkable just a year ago. Developers have collectively come up with browsers bursting with new technological advances that simplify working on internet. Take advantage of these new opportunities by putting them to work for you.

Drag ’n drop

Let your customers upload invoices, along with any documents your bank requires, just by posting them right onto the browser.

Identifying information

Bar codes and similar standardized forms have been devised to speed things up by letting machines read bills and invoices. Use today’s innovative automation to add speed and lower the risk of errors.

Scheduled payments

At the moment, monthly payments are conveniences handled in a less than convenient way. Just a single click is all that should be required.


Clients shouldn’t constantly have to check their balance to see if the last deposit has registered. Just show it instantly.
Clients are used to notification on their SmartPhone, so why not make use of an ingrained habit?

The right information

It might not be required all the time, but when it is and it isn’t available, it leads to frustration. If a customer intends to make certain expenditures, draw up plans for the future or find out where their lost card was last used, make the information easy to find instead of a list of extraneous details. When info is available and clear, it’s just right all by itself.
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First experience

The critical moment arrives when a customer tries something for the first time. So just give a visual demonstration of how easy it is.

Teach it right

Show customers how to use online banking right on the spot during their online-banking session. Provide clear instructions that show what’s what and make it possible for them to use it as they go along.


Let your technical people explain what to do and how to do it—not over the phone but right on the customer’s browser. Needless to say, the helper-operator won’t get to see any confidential information.

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